Bridges in Mathematics

Visualize the wealth of information in your Bridges® in Mathematics assessment results when you activate the Bridges assessments in Forefront®’s assessment catalog. Collect and analyze Bridges assessment results to gain deep insights into student learning and elevate the Bridges classroom in your district.

With Forefront®, teachers:

  • Save time entering data on pre-loaded Bridges in Mathematics assessments
  • Access mobile interview tools to enter responses on-the-go
  • Make standards-based grading using Bridges assessments easy and automatic
  • Use Bridges assessments to group students by performance and support MTSS/Rtl
  • Visualize student performance and create intuitive reports to share with colleagues and parents

Forefront helps building and district leaders better understand student learning across the district. With Forefront, leaders:

  • Visualize Bridges in Mathematics student performance information across standards at the classroom, school and district level
  • Monitor the success of a Bridges implementation over time
  • Empower teachers with easy-to-use software and data linked directly to instruction
  • Inspire collaboration and improve decision-making
  • Improve efficiency and streamline processes by implementing a data system custom-built for Bridges assessments

Watch how our solution for Bridges can help you better understand student learning in your district:

We love having a tool to access district-wide student data at our fingertips. It is a great springboard for P.L.C. conversations. Thank you!

Sara MacDonald, Math TOSA
Littleton Public Schools

Please note: The Math Learning Center derives no financial benefit from the sales of Forefront and all implementation support of the program is provided by Forefront Math.