Bridges in Mathematics

Visualize the wealth of information in your Bridges® in Mathematics assessment results. Forefront® for Bridges is an assessment data solution that allows teachers and leaders to easily visualize student performance and growth information in Bridges. Improve grading and reporting, monitor student progress, and strengthen collaboration with Forefront Math.

With Forefront® for Bridges, teachers:

  • Save time entering data on pre-loaded Bridges in Mathematics assessments
  • Access mobile interview tools to enter responses on-the-go
  • Make standards-based grading using Bridges assessments easy and automatic
  • Use Bridges assessments to group students by performance and support MTSS/Rtl
  • Visualize student performance and create intuitive reports to share with colleagues and parents

Forefront for Bridges gives building and district leaders access to the wealth of information in the Bridges in Mathematics classroom. With Forefront for Bridges, leaders:

  • Visualize Bridges in Mathematics student performance information across standards at the classroom, school and district level
  • Monitor the success of a Bridges implementation over time
  • Empower teachers with easy-to-use software and data linked directly to instruction
  • Inspire collaboration and improve decision-making
  • Improve efficiency and streamline processes by implementing a data system custom-built for Bridges assessments

Watch how Forefront for Bridges can improve your students’ success:

We love having a tool to access district-wide student data at our fingertips. It is a great springboard for P.L.C. conversations. Thank you!

Sara MacDonald, Math TOSA
Littleton Public Schools

Please note: The Math Learning Center derives no financial benefit from the sales of Forefront and all implementation support of the program is provided by Forefront Math.